Join the balcony waterproofing revolution – Proteus Waterproofing

Join the balcony waterproofing revolution - Proteus Waterproofing

Proteus Waterproofing’s new liquid balcony system – PRO-BW® Plus offers quick installation and secure water protection against the most adverse weather conditions.

Pro-BW® Plus is an innovative, liquid-applied protective coating which delivers UV stable, colourfast and skid-inhibiting surfaces for a variety of wet-prone exteriors, including balconies and walkways. Its proven quality lends to its high tensile strength with elasticity. Pro-BW® Plus can be applied to many surfaces, including asphalt and concrete, and can be used for both new builds and refurbishments.

The cold-applied membrane is low odour, fast curing and can be ready to walk on in under an hour, minimising disruption to a building’s inhabitants during and after operation.

This versatile, long-lasting and cost-effective system can be overcoated at the end of its design life / guarantee period. Therefore, extending the systems life, instead of having an expensive removal cost and placing in landfill.

Pro-BW® Plus is UK manufactured!

Where possible all raw materials are UK sourced!

Pro-BW® Plus is a remarkable addition to Proteus’ diverse portfolio of waterproofing systems.

With highly customisable products and a bespoke service all part of the package; Proteus Waterproofing has a solution for any project.