The future is Cold Melt®

The future is Cold Melt®

The future is Cold Melt®

Green concrete – don’t wait 28 days before laying the waterproof membrane – when you can do it in three. Call Proteus Waterproofing now on 01268 777871. We could save you thousands on your next project.

Even better – we will lay a waterproof membrane on your roof in one day to let other trades on to your building, saving you even more time and money. Email Justin Pitman now – to find out how.

This membrane is a unique waterproofing system so tough that it is BBA certified to last the lifetime of the building on which it is installed. It’s called Proteus Cold Melt® and you can find out more at –

No naked flame, no molten material, no unhealthy odour and no hassle and very green using recycled tyres and other environmentally friendly materials. As tough and hard wearing as mastic asphalt or Hot Melt and a lot more versatile for balconies, patios and especially those hard to reach areas.

Proteus Cold Melt® is the waterproofing membrane of the future. It is so advanced that it is making all of the others – obsolete. Find out why some of the country’s most iconic buildings have accepted nothing less.

Architects CPD

More and more architects are now specifying Proteus Cold Melt®. Book now for a CPD. Email Justin Pitman.