Winter is coming………… so here are some top tips for roofers!

Winter is coming............ so here are some top tips for roofers!

1. Check the weather before you start work. Check the local and national forecast so you are fully aware of inbound weather.
2. Communicate with the office, let them know all that is going on at your current location.
3. Make sure you and your team are all wearing appropriate clothing, there is no excuse for being unprepared. Make sure you have your issued PPE with you and that it is worn.
4. Keep warm, do not let yourselves get cold or wet.
5. Take regular breaks, drink hot fluids and eat warm food (if possible) to help warm up.
6. Remember, if the job can wait for a better day to complete safely then that is the safest choice for all team members and the company.

Do not put yourselves or your employees at risk!