Working at Height, are you working safely?

Working at Height, are you working safely?

Here at the Confederation of Roofing Contractors, we like to know that all our members are working safely when it comes to working at height.

Employers have a duty to provide training for all activities that employees carry out for and on behalf of the company. This includes working at height training.

HSE statistics show that WATH still remains one of the biggest causes of death in the UK.

If you need any help with organising training, or need advice on what to do, then please call our Health & Safety Consultants at SafeAid UK Limited and they will be happy to assist you.


Training workers is the first step when protecting your employees and business. The work at height regulations 2005 state that employers shall provide safe access, egress, equipment and training.

After training your employees, they will then be able to; undertake a risk assessment of the work, use access equipment safety, inspect and look for damage or faults and comply with the regulations.

Employees will also be able to decide on the correct equipment to use and identify when to use it on individual projects. i.e. Fall protection or fall prevention measures and what height is classed as working at height. Employees will also understand the need for Handrails, guardrails, safety lines, walkways and safe equipment.

By providing competent training for your employees, you not only protect them but enhance their professionalism and that of your company.

SafeAid UK Limited can provide WATH training for all your employees, either by their online training portal, site training or training at your office.

To book your working at height training, please contact SafeAid UK Limited by e mail on : or call 0779 538 5380