In these challenging times, our trusted partner for fuel cards, Fleetmaxx Solutions Fleetloc8, is always looking for ways to help members reduce their fuel consumption and costs.

That is why Fleetmaxx is delighted to offer various solutions to help businesses become more efficient. Two of these solutions are from our Fleetloc8 range of vehicle tracking and video telematics.

How can Vehicle Tracking Reduce Fuel Consumption?

These solutions give you the tools to gain back control over your vehicles and assets and monitor how your drivers are performing. We can provide complete visibility of your fleets with accurate live and historical data so you can track every journey your fleet take. This can help ensure fleets only pay for fuel on work journeys, as our solutions can provide GPS locations, routes, and times. Our tracking systems can help improve your driver’s overall performance, as our solutions pick up harsh braking and speeding. You would be alerted about a driver’s performance, and if the solution flags any issues, you can act accordingly. This would reduce the fleet’s fuel consumption.

Using our vehicle tracking and telematics systems gives you the power to increase productivity, minimise exposure and improve the bottom line.

As a valued member, Fleetmaxx is delighted to offer 20% off our solutions:

Fleetmaxx has a comprehensive range of tracking and telematics to suit all businesses and fleet vehicles. Our solutions can make a business safer and more efficient, essential in the current climate.

Are you interested in vehicle tracking or video telematics? Get in touch here to discuss your options.