UK Power Networks delivers electricity for London, the East and South East of England, delivering electricity to 8.4 million homes and businesses through 170,000 km of underground cables and overhead lines.

The Be Bright Stay Safe campaign warns about the potential risk of injury and death if proper care and attention is not used, including when roofing near overhead lines.

Be Bright Stay Safe also encourages everyone to think about how their behaviour can affect their safety, from the moment they arrive on site, to the moment that they leave.

Before working on the roof of a property, check where the overhead lines and service cables are and assess your working clearances to overhead power lines.

Just because scaffolding is in place, this does not mean that, as a roofer, you can afford to be complacent. Distractions on the job and bad working habits can lead to life altering consequences when working near overhead power lines. Rushing to get the work done can sometimes result in ‘not seeing’ the service cables at roof height or overhead lines, whether working alone or as part of a team.

Ensure there is a safety plan in place for everyone working on the roof, no matter their experience in the role or on that particular job.  Are you and your colleagues aware of the risks?  Have you had your safety briefing?

Find out the maximum height of any equipment that you may be using –  never assume the cables are not dangerous, it could be an electricity service cable or a high voltage overhead line.

Contact UK Power Networks for shrouding if needed.

In case of an emergency, call 0800 31 63 105 or dial the free 105 power cut helpline.

See our safety film by accessing the QR code below