(22nd January, 2020) CHAS, the supply chain risk management experts, have launched a workforce ID & credential management service – CHAS People – that offers simple and clear visibility of a worker’s identity and qualification to work.

Based around the concept of a digital wallet, CHAS People simplifies the workforce verification process and allows anyone responsible for workforce compliance to be confident that their workforce is legitimate and qualified, reducing risk and saving time and money.

To use CHAS People employers simply purchase the required number of CHAS People digital wallets via the existing CHAS portal which enables them to invite employees to upload their ID and relevant work related documentation. CHAS then verifies the ID documents using a government confirmed 12 point biometric check and tamper detection technology and a CHAS People digital wallet is issued.

As well as confirming the ID has been verified the system collects and stores the workers documents. All organisations within the supply chain can have access to a dashboard which summarises the status on all of the uploaded documents. CHAS People highlights where essential credentials are missing and sends automatic notifications when a credential is about to expire. The service can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere which makes it simple and stress-free to use for employers and employees alike.

CHAS Managing Director Ian McKinnon comments: “As supply chain risk management standards become stricter, ensuring clear visibility of worker ID and credentials can be a challenge. The CHAS People dashboard is the solution to this problem.  CHAS People is a simple yet effective tool which saves time, increases productivity and reduces repetition and risk.

“The launch of CHAS People supports CHAS’s ongoing mission to drive efficiency in supply chain risk management and brings Workforce ID & Credential Management into the 21st century.”

To find out more about CHAS People, or any of CHAS’s supply chain risk management products, contact CHAS today on 020 8545 3838 or visit: www.chas.co.uk/chaspeople/

About CHAS: CHAS is the UK’s leading provider of risk prevention, compliance and supply chain management services for clients and contractors.

Since 1997, CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) has been helping to improve health and safety standards across the UK and safeguard organisations from risk.

CHAS works in partnership with leading industry bodies and independent organisations to provide clients and contractors alike with a single solution for accreditation, risk assessment, supply chain management and industry training.

CHAS is an authority and trusted advisor on health and safety compliance, responsible for setting industry benchmarks and providing the new Common Assessment Standards.

CHAS’s aim is simple:

  • To standardise and simplify health and safety assessment for contractors
  • To support organisations in efficiently managing their supply chains
  • To deliver a full suite of supply chain management tools.

Website: https://www.chas.co.uk/chaspeople/

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