Coptrz – £100 discount for CoRC members

Using drones for roof inspection can be a game changing service to add to your business offer. In the last few years, the cost and ease of operation of the latest generation of drone platforms has reached the point that almost any roofing business can now use UAV technology to add a new service to their business proposition, and save time and money conducting surveys, whilst also reducing risk.


COPTRZ are commercial drone experts dedicated to disruption with a mission to Revolutionise Organisations Using Drones and we’ve helped more than 1,000 companies integrate drones within their business.


To use any drone for commercial application, you’ll need to sit a PfCO course (Permission for Commercial Operations), the CAA approved qualification which allows companies to incorporate drones in their workflows, which you can obtain with a 4-day training course in one of our 10 training locations throughout the UK.


As commercial UAV experts, Coptrz can provide you with a complete solution of both drone and training provision to allow you to introduce drone inspection to your workflow, with Business Starter Packages from £799 plus VAT.


If you’ve already invested in drone hardware, then CoRC members will receive a £100 discount on our CAA approved PfCO course.


In a highly competitive marketplace, all businesses are looking for an edge over their competition, so contact COPTRZ and speak to one of our UAV strategists for an informal discussion about the right solution for you on 0330 111 7177, or send us an email on


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Drones are revolutionising the roofing sector by reducing costs and improving speed, safety and quality of inspections.


Coptrz provide CAA approved PfCO Training Courses for businesses wanting to use drones. We’d like to offer all CORC members a £100.00 discount on a CAA approved PfCO Course.


Call us now on 0330 111 7177 or send us an email on