Featured Fridays – 15th March 2019

Featured Fridays - 15th March 2019

Brown Roofing (Midlands) Ltd – 5058


Brown Roofing (Midlands) Ltd are a Bronze member and joined us in August 2000.


They are experienced roofing contractors with over 40 years of expertise within the industry. Brown Roofing prides itself on delivering a high level of workmanship and excellent customer service, with a credible reputation for supporting the customer in the delivery of their project from beginning to end. They are hugely focused on providing a level of professionalism and expertise which reflects the modern day construction industry.


Brown roofing and its team have grown and now installs to and weatherproofs around 1000 homes per annum. They travel to all areas of the country having completed prestigious projects as far South as Penzance in Cornwall and as far North as the Scottish borders.



Unit 10J

Buntsford Park Rd



B60 3DX


Phone: 01527 880356

Email: enquiries@brownroofing.co.uk

Web: www.brownroofing.co.uk