Featured Fridays – 6th July 2018

Featured Fridays - 6th July 2018

Thomas Cassie & Sons (Leicester) Ltd – 1024

Thomas Cassie & Sons (Leicester) Ltd are a Silver member and joined us in July 1994.

To continue to offer his skill and experience to the roofing industry, Tom Cassie established Thomas Cassie & Sons in June 1992. Tom Cassie is a Fellow of the Institute of Roofing and the company are committed to upholding the reputation of the company and make sure it succeeds well into the new Millennium.

With almost 40 years experience in the roofing / construction industry, Tom Cassie was able to take advantage of an opportunity and the company have become one of the leading roofing contractors in the local area.


Unit 1&2 Slater Street

Frog Island





Telephone: 0116 2537470

E mail: enquiries@cassieroofing.co.uk

Website: www.cassieroofing.co.uk