It’s not part of the job that’s terribly well promoted to drivers but a daily vehicle inspection is critical. As operators, it’s another process, to add to the million and one processes. But overseeing your operation is the Driver and Vehicle Standard Association (DVSA), and they have thousands of pages devoted to equipment and inspection standards that formally tie drivers and their companies together in the compliance effort.


The reality is that vehicle checking is a chore, even though the driver is very familiar with the vehicle and they’ve been through the process a lot, they can still get into a zone and forget stuff—especially if it’s a bad morning and they’re already late.

So, the onus is on fleet operators. Have your drivers received instruction on doing a proper vehicle inspection since they passed their commercial driver’s license?

The process doesn’t have to be complicated; it just has to be simple because by setting the right expectations, you provide them with a really good recipe for doing it right.

As an Association Partner of Fleetmaxx Solutions, we understand that every vehicle and every person is different, but with our solution, we can help you take control of the right kind of inspection.

Fleetmaxx Solutions to passing inspections

CheckedSafe from Fleetmaxx Solutions is a simple and effective digital compliance solution. The App allows drivers to carry out 20-minute daily vehicle checks and inspections on smartphone or tablet. Drivers can also add detailed notes and take pictures regarding faults or defects and their actions to correct them. Once the check is done, the report is sent and viewable on the Checkedsafe CMS (Compliance Management System).

All failed vehicle compliance checks will automatically generate a report directly sent to your line manager or administrator for inspection and guidance. The software is DVSA-approved, and the CMS suite will automatically store the recorded data, which can be downloaded in PDF or excel format for further analysis and Key Performance Indicators.

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