Complaints and Disputes

The CORC offer a free mediation service should a consumer find themselves in a dispute with a member.

Before contacting the CORC we would ask that these steps have been followed before seeking our assistance:

  1. Contact the CORC member to see if a resolution can be reached
  2. Ensure all correspondence is saved to pass onto the CORC should we be needed to mediate.
  3. Ensure no one at all goes onto that roof whilst mediation is being carried out. This is very important. You cannot have another roofing firm on your roof without independant evidence from a RICS inspector. Anyone else on the roof will invalidate any guarantees or claims you may have.
  4. If a consumer cannot resolve a dispute directly with the contractor, please complete the complaints form below providing as much detail as possible.


What can we do?

Once the CORC are in receipt of a customers complaint form we will contact the member (if we have been given permission) and provide details of the complaint for them to respond to. As per our code of practice the CORC expect all members to respond to complaints quickly and efficiently.

The CORC will happily give help and advice to customers who have not used a member of ours also but we cannot contact roofers who are not members to mediate.

The CORC remain completely impartial to any complaint whilst mediating and will instruct one or both parties to seek legal advice should mediation fail.

The CORC carry out an ad hoc complaints process. We intend to try and resolve all matters however we are not legal arbitration and findings and resolutions are not legally binding.


What we cannot do

We are unable to assist if the contractor has ceased to be a member of CORC but can provide advice for your next step.

We are unable to assist if the customer has had anyone else on the roof after the work has been completed by our member.

We are unable to assist if legal proceedings have been initiated or a third party is already involved in the complaint.

The CORC are not responsible for or cannot guarantee a members work.

The CORC are not responsible for making a payment or pay any kind of compensation should a member be found liable for faulty workmanship or any damage caused to a consumers property.


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We are governed by English law. We agree to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


Complaints Form