The CORC code of conduct states that trade members shall avoid cold calling and doorstep pressure selling. Any CORC members found to be doing this will be suspended as a member immediately pending an internal investigation which may result in membership being revoked.

The CORC recieve a high number of complaints and enquiries from members of the public who have had ‘roofers’ knocking on their door telling them that they require minimal work done on their roof and it can be done immediately as they are in the area.

However, once given the authorisation to proceed the contractor informs the home owner that they have discovered that much more work is required and the cost is considerably more. This puts the home owner in a uncomfortable position as they feel pressurised into making a snap decision and in most cases it is the wrong one as they are being scammed by unscrupulous traders who are looking to take as much money as possible for work that clearly does not need doing.

Although cold calling is not illegal, any trader who ignores a sticker or notice on your door stating that you do not want cold callers may be committing a criminal offence. Anyone who cold calls and offers goods or services over £42.00 MUST give you a 14 day cancellation document and must wait 14 days until they start the work unless you sign a waiver form for them to start sooner.

The elderly and vulnerable are particularly targeted and the CORC are working closely with Trading Standards and Age Concern to ensure anyone looking to mislead a customer is brought to justice and prosecuted.

Trading standards advises never to deal with cold callers. If a rogue trader is expected to return at a certain time, trading standards will try to get officers to your home before they come back.

You should never allow anyone into your home unless they can confirm they are who they say they are. Honest callers will not mind being challenged.

Below is a printable leaflet to put by your own, friends or relatives doors to warn them when scrupulous traders knock. Please let us know if you would like some sent to you in the post.

If you are aware of any traders or ‘crews’ who are cold calling and operating in your area then please let us know immediately. All information received is totally confidential.