Why should I choose a CORC member?

By choosing to use a member of the CORC you are ensuring that your contractor has been checked and vetted and has the correct insurances.


Does my roofer automatically give an insurance backed guarantee?

IBG’s are not mandatory by law and it is down to the roofers to decide whether they are happy to offer them. They are within their rights to refuse to offer an IBG. Some of our roofers are unable to offer IBG’s so it is always worth asking your roofer or calling and checking with us beforehand.


How long will it take to get my insurance backed guarantee?

Once your IBG has been ordered and paid for by the company, it is completed and sent within 24 hours. Currently, we are able to get them to you within 30 minutes of payment. Please note that roofing works must be paid for in full before an IBG can be issued.


Do I need to notify building regulations?

Building regulations need to be contacted by the homeowner if 25% or more of your roof is being worked on. The CORC recommend giving building regulations a call as they will give you an answer over the phone straight away in regards to them having to come out. To contact building regulations call your local council and ask to speak to them.


Can my contractor start the job straight away?

Your contractor should give you a 14 day cooling off period document before any work is started. This gives the customer 14 days to cancel any works with no fees. The contractor cannot start work at any point during those 14 days. If you need the roofer to start earlier than 14 days or you have a problem which needs fixing sooner then you can sign a waiver form which waives your rights to the 14 day process and the roofer can start work immediately.


My flat roof is ponding/has standing water. Is this a problem?

Flat roofs are flat so unless significant elevation is added to one side, water is always going to pond. This is never an issue and the ponding should evaporate once rain has subsided for a while. Should the ponding stay for a significant amount of time after rain has stopped (weeks) then contact your roofer. All flat roofs will have ponding


Is moss on my tiles an issue?

Moss is rarely an issue and will not cause harm to your roof or tiles if left. We have noticed a lot of complaints in regards to ‘pressure washing’ of roofs to remove the moss. This is potentially very harmful to roofs and we do not promote or condone it.


Why do you not have customer reviews for your members?

Customer reviews can be biased. Anyone could leave reviews whether they are legitimate or not. A negative review can really harm a company so we like to ensure that rather than leaving a bad review, the customers call us and we try and deal with it for them. This way, we know that it is a factual complaint/review. We keep all complaints on our system and do have a right to let consumers know of any complaints before they use a company if they ask. We have a complaints form on our site that can be filled out and we will then investigate with the customer but we also have a anonymous customer satsifaction form that customers are also able to fill out if they do not want to take things further. This comes straight to the CORC.


I am not a roofer, how do I know my roof has been completed properly?

The only way to be sure is to use a RICS registered surveyor (fees applicable). RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) are an impartial company who will provide their own independant report on your roof to confirm everything has been done correctly. https://www.ricsfirms.com/


I cant find my contractor on your website?

This could mean that your contractor is not a member of ours and as such does not carry any of our benefits. In any case please call us on 01206 306600 or email membership@corc.co.uk to confirm that they are before you approve them to do any work for you.


What wind speed consititutes storm damage?