The Confederation of Roofing Contractors 2000 Ltd are pleased to announce that we are insurance brokers registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – Reg no: 968078

Please note IBG’s are a chargeable service.

Our members must pass vigorous vetting checks to be able to offer our guarantees. The results of these checks can change regularly and so can the option for our members to be able to offer the insurance backed guarantees.

Roofing works must be paid for in full before an insurance backed guarantee can be issued.

What is an insurance backed guarantee?

Usually when new work is carried out at your property, your roofer will give you a company guarantee. This is a guarantee from the company that should any defects arise from their work, they will come back free of charge during the length of time given on the guarantee to repair them. Should you have a company guarantee and the company ceases to trade your company guarantee for the work undertaken would no longer provide any protection.

An insurance backed guarantee runs alongside the roofer’s company guarantee. Should the company cease to trade, your work would still be covered for the remaining length of time of the company guarantee. To clarify ceasing to trade is due to liquidation, receivership, administration or winding up due to bankruptcy, state retirement or the death of the principals.


How can I get an insurance backed guarantee?

Your roofer will request an IBG directly from The CORC office.  Please contact the office before work is agreed and we can confirm to you that your roofer is able to offer IBG’s. We would suggest letting your roofer know before work has started that you would like an IBG for your work as IBG’s are not mandatory by law.


How long will my insurance backed guarantee cover?

Our IBG’s cover 10 years. You MUST have the members company guarantee to run alongside your guarantee otherwise, it will be void. The company guarantee from the members should match or go above the time frame of the IBG.


When will I not be able to get an insurance backed guarantee?

There are certain instances where you may not be able to get an IBG for your work.

  • IBG’s will not cover repairs, only new work and materials
  • As IBG’s are not mandatory by law and it is down to the roofers to decide whether they are happy to offer them. They are within their rights to refuse to offer an IBG.
  • Some of our members may not be able to offer IBG’s, please do ask them or us before you get work carried out.
  • IBG’s will not cover paints or resins, please contact us should you be unclear whether your product is covered.
  • IBG’s cannot be provided for non-members or others who have carried out work on the roof. Only the work our members have specifically carried out can be covered.
  • Our IBG’s will only cover roof work. Please contact us should you be unclear whether we are able to cover parts of your work.


How soon will I get my insurance backed guarantee?

Once your roofer has requested and paid for the IBG, it will be sent to you within 24 hours. Commercial IBG’s (businesses, churches, schools etc) may take a little longer. Please advise your roofer how you would like the IBG sent to you. We can send it via e mail or post, or both!

Your IBG will be provided in the name given to us by the members ordering. Should there be any issues in spelling, address or anything else, please do contact your roofer and ask them to contact us to get this changed and a new policy sent.

Should you eventually sell the property within the 10-year period, the homeowner is able to contact us to change the name across to the new owner.


* members are to pass credit checks before being able to offer IBG’s.