IMPORTANT – Doorstep Pressure Selling

IMPORTANT - Doorstep Pressure Selling

Our code of conduct (found here: states that trade members shall avoid cold calling and doorstep pressure selling. Any of our members found to be doing this will be removed as a member immediately.

Recently we have received a high number of complaints and enquiries from members of the public who have had “roofers” knocking on their door telling them that they require minimal work done on their roof and it can be done immediately as they are in the area.

However, once given the authorisation to proceed the contractor comes down and informs the home owner that they have discovered that much more work is required and the cost is considerably more. This puts the home owner in a uncomfortable position as they feel pressurised into making a snap decision and in most cases it is the wrong one as they are being scammed by unscrupulous traders who are looking to take as much money as possible for work that clearly does not need doing.

The elderly and vulnerable are particularly targeted and the CORC are working closely with Trading Standards and Age Concern to ensure anyone looking to con a customer is brought to justice and prosecuted.

If you are aware of any traders or “crews” who are cold calling and operating in your area then please let us know immediately. All information received is totally confidential.

Thank you.