Continuing education for full-time workers is always tricky to manage at best, no matter the industry. For van and truck drivers, as they are constantly on the road and typically hundreds of miles away from a classroom on any given workday, it’s more complicated.

Traditional learning and training styles — think sitting in a classroom with an instructor leading the discussion — will probably see drivers leave and not continue. But if you introduce them to remote learning and training opportunities, they are more likely to want to be a part of that process and continue to grow in your organisation.

As we all know, recruitment and retention are crucial in the freight industry. For adult learning, if you can make something relevant to the learner, it will have the most impact to retain their attention.

FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS offers Road Skills Online’s Professional Development Plan (PDP) to take the hassle away from operators. An e-learning platform delivers monthly, industry-recognised Toolbox Talks direct to drivers’ mobiles at a time of their choosing.

The 36-month programme has accreditation from the CPD Standards Office. It prioritises common high-risk topics to minimise those risks as quickly as possible into everything from personal health and wellbeing through to customer service and teamwork.

Alongside the Trustmark, considerable cost, and safety benefits of an ongoing Continuing Professional Development programme, the 36-month PDP provides a tick in the box for several industry standards such as FORS D4, S5 and G5, and DVSA Earned Recognition Section 7.2, not to mention O Licence compliance.

Whether you have one or thousands of vehicles on the road, we can help reduce your running costs with discounted branded and tailored diesel, petrol, electric and pre-paid fuel cards, telematics tracking, dashcams, improving driver training and business insurance solutions.

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