A letter before action is a document you should send to your roofer if they are not responding or if they have let you down a number of times. Please ensure that the letter before action is sent via email and most importantly, recorded delivery post. Ensure you keep your reference number as this will be needed in case you have to take it further.


Please find below a template to copy and paste.


[Your address]

[Roofers Address]





As it has not been possible to solve this matter amicably, I am writing this letter before action to advise you of my actions forthwith.

(Describe all interactions you have had with the roofer including as many dates, times and references you can. Explain what has happened and the times you have tried to get this resolved with the roofer whether it be yourself or if you have spoken with us to help)

As per the consumer rights act 2015, (please choose from any of the following which apply to you)

  • Every contract to supply a service is to be treated as including a term that the trader must perform the service with reasonable care and skill.
  • You have breached your contractual agreement as agreed by the company guarantee to return should any issues arise.

I am now giving you (insert number for working days, recommended minimum 7) to come back to me and rectify my issues.

If you do not respond within the above time frame, I will have no other choice but to take this further and seek legal action.


Many Thanks