Aerial Drone Surveying Ltd

Member Number: 7916

Date Joined: 30 October 2020

610 Oculus House
16-48 Cambridge Road
Greater London
IG11 8NW

Phone: 03333 391112


We are a Civil Aviation Authority Approved commercial drone / small unmanned aircraft operator. We have the necessary Permissions and Exemptions as set out by the CAA for commercial operations.

As air and land safety of all those involved in the flight operations are paramount, we conduct our flights with a Land & Air Safety Observer on site at all times.

We are the first Associate Member from the Drone Industry and we are happy to offer other members of Confederation of Roofing Contractors a 10% discount. This 10% discount is also available to anyone finding our details on this website when they enter Discount Code: CORC10.

Why should companies and individuals use our aerial drone services ? The answers are obvious and straight forward:
* Safety – H&S risk reduced to minimum * fast deliverables * high resolution images/videos * detailed and quality capture data

We provide our services nationwide to domestic and commercial clients. Our spectrum of work includes:
– aerial roof, chimney and gutter inspections
– aerial images (for purposes of construction development progression monitoring & planning, advertisement…)
– aerial 4k videos (for the purposes of construction, development progression monitoring & planning, advertisement)
– 2D/3D aerial mapping (land & buildings)
– industrial aerial building/structure inspections
– utilities’ aerial inspections (phone masts, electric high voltage lines and towers.

Our air operations can be affected by weather conditions and we require the payment of a deposit when the “Fly Date” is agreed. If we need to reschedule our work, we will work hard with you to find a mutually suitable date and provide speedy results.

We are the “Safe Eye” in the sky for our clients. A new resource is at your disposal. We look forward to working with you !

All members of the Confederation of Roofing can offer customers the benefit of a fully insured back up guarantee that protects you should the contractor cease trading for any reason during the guarantee period. Please ask your contractor to issue you with one on completion of your contract.
For your own peace of mind get an IBG and know that should a defect arise during the term of your contractors guarantee you will be fully covered.
You can order these direct from our office on 01206 306600

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