Spicer Tiles

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Date Joined: 04 October 2023

2036 Letraset Building
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Web: https://www.spicertiles.co.uk

Traditionally crafted handmade clay roof tiles, designed to perform and be sympathetic to rural areas from start to finish.

At Spicer Tiles we have built our reputation on offering a range of traditional and historic options, each and every tile handmade and unique in a craft that goes back thousands of years.

As we like to say, ‘If it was good enough for the Romans, it’s good enough for us’, and the Romans built to last. Designed by our ancestors, perfected by us, with a 30-year product guarantee as standard.

A poor quality roof tile can lead to a host of problems including water ingress, damp walls, mould, or even permanent structural damage to your property which can lead to you spending thousands on repairs.

We have over 35 years of experience manufacturing high quality handmade roof tiles that ensure your house and family are protected for decades.