Wabis Roofing Accessories Ltd

Member Number: 7655

Date Joined: 20 May 2019

Mansfield I-Centre
Oakham Business Park, Hamilton Way
NG18 5BR

Phone: 07494 540742

Web: www.wabis.co.uk

Brochure: https://wabis.co.uk/products/

Wabis Roofing Accessories is the distribution arm of a European roofing accessories producer, Wa-Bis. Nottinghamshire’s branch is responsible for product development across the UK and Ireland.
The main business of Wa-Bis is the production of modern and high-quality roofing accessories. Using our own research & experience, together with that of our partners, Wa-Bis produces innovative, individual solution superior to existing products.
As a producer Wa-Bis has been awarded the ‘Reliable Company’ award by the Economic and Consumer Programme under the auspices of the Representative of the European Commission.


Company mission

We produce and sell accessories and roofing membranes, that provide the functionality of the roof for many years.

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