Permaroof – The Permanent Flat Roof People

Permaroof - The Permanent Flat Roof People

We are the UK Importer and Distributor of Firestone RubberCover, single ply EPDM rubber roofing systems, operating from our Head office in Derbyshire. We have been distributing this product for the last 18 years, and have gained unrivalled knowledge over this time. We operate the National Training Centre for Firestone RubberCover at our premises.

Our facility allows us to stock a significant amount of epdm, and capacity for cutting hundreds of sheets per day. Centrally located in the UK, allows our delivery capabilities to cater for virtually everyone. Next day cut to size membranes are our speciality.

The Patented Permaroof Trim System

We are the patent owners of this trim system, which has proved to be the installer’s choice for finishing off the epdm roof.

Flat roof training courses for  Rubber roof systems

Why not become trained to use the tried and tested Firestone RubberCover rubber roof system.

Permaroof UK ® Ltd operate the Firestone RubberCover National Training Centre offering contractor opportunities, through out the UK. This is your opportunity to become part of the largest Firestone residential Installer network in the UK.


Wide selection of flat roofing products

Email us at for an up to date catalogue of products we offer