It’s a fact of life that the general maintenance and repair of communal areas such as walkways and balconies, common entrances, landings and staircases is an ongoing obligation for local authorities and housing associations.

Private landlords also have to shoulder their fair share of maintenance work and while such projects are fairly easy to undertake, they offer the potential to seriously disrupt the lives of tenants and residents.

Upgrading and extending the life of these communal areas requires a fine balance between carrying out these essential works and keeping inconvenience to a minimum – and as hard as they try – many landlords frequently get it wrong.

In an ideal world the preference would be for any necessary works to be carried out with as little disturbance to the daily routine as possible. The upheaval and expense of having to vacate a property and move out during any essential refurbishment works is not an option.

The alternative is having tenants being marooned inside their properties with windows closed to protect against toxic smells while works are ongoing – impractical at the very least and may even give rise to health issues.

Traditional waterproofing materials used in the past for these types of refurbishment, whilst excellent in their own right, can cause disruption to property access because of their lengthy curing times and noxious odours are not welcomed by tenants, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Modern technology has meant that newer, innovative products have been developed that supercede the more conventional approach.  Liquid waterproofing membranes offer an alternative with cold applied systems especially designed to cause minimum disruption to tenants and residents.

They meet health and safety criteria – their low odour minimising risk to both operatives and members of the public, and with fast curing – as little as 2 hours for installation of a completed system – affords minimal downtime, setting new standards in quality and efficiency that few can match.

Proteus Waterproofing, one of the most experienced suppliers of systems for communal housing, have been setting the pace for a number of years developing advanced products that meet the high standards required for refurbishing walkways, stairs and balconies.

Working closely with Housing Associations and its own network of licensed contractors, the company offers cost effective packages to refurbish all communal areas while offering the minimum of disruption to tenants.