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November 2018 – Issue 12

 In this issue
  • CoRC E Mails
  • Insurance Backed Guarantees
  • Prestige Roofing Supplies Christmas Giveaway
  • October new members
  • Roof of the Month – October
  • 15 Day Cooling Off Document

CoRC E Mails 

Recently, we have been notified of many *spam* e mails being sent using our name.

We do try and alert you to every e mail we are sent or come across but please know that only e mails that come from an e mail address are from us.

If ANY other company is e mailing you, we have NOT given them your details or permission to contact you and it should be classed as a *spam* e mail.

Due to GDPR, we keep all of your details on file and they are not given out to anyone.

Please do not trust anything that does not come from an e mail address.

If you have any questions or queries please e mail or call 01206 306600.

Insurance Backed Guarantees

Customers nowadays are far more astute when hiring a roofer to carry out works on their home because when they call us we are asked the same questions.

“Can you recommend them?”

“Have you had any complaints?”

“Are they reliable?”

However one question is now being asked constantly and that is “Do they provide any insurance?”

They are not talking about public or employers liability they are talking about an Insurance Backed Guarantee or IBG.

The simple answer is yes……all CORC members can provide an IBG which covers the customer should your company cease trading or go out of business for any reason and can be the difference between securing a contract or not.

The CORC are the ONLY roofing association in the UK that can offer an IBG on any new work you do and not only is it a superb guarantee to offer it also gives your customer peace of mind knowing that they are completely covered should the worst happen.

Many CORC members are using these on a regular basis but we want all members to embrace this and include it in any quote or estimate you give in the future to ensure you stay a step ahead of your competitors.

An IBG will run alongside the company guarantee you give and this is a minimum of 10 years and these policies have to be paid for by the customer or the roofer if agreed. A typical example is:

Total cost of contract including vat = £15000

Length of guarantee = 10 years

Cost of guarantee = £35.00

Prices can vary on domestic and commercial/industrial work and a list of costs is available on request.

The price should ideally be already included in your quote but if purchased after the work has been completed you should contact us at the office where will forward an email with some simple questions to reply to and the guarantee can then be ordered as soon as we take a payment over the phone via a credit/debit card. All IBG’s are sent over to our insurers at 2pm on a daily basis and are returned to us the next working day to send to both you and your customer.

Our aim is to ensure that all customers should be given an IBG and they will be encouraged to call us or yourself if one isn’t offered so if you haven’t gone through the process then please give us a call where one of our staff will gladly answer any further questions you may have.

All IBG’s are to be ordered by e mail ONLY, please see questions to be answered and prices below:


10 years – Residential

£1 – £6,000 = £30.00, £6,001 – £25,000 = £35.00, £25,001 – £50,000 = £55.00, £50,001 – £1,000,000 = 2% of contract value + VAT

10 years – Commercial

2% of contract value + VAT.

£100 minimum fee for work under £5000.00

10 + 10 years – Residential

Policies under £5000.00 – £115 min fee (10 years fee included)

£5,001- £1,000,000 – 2% to be paid initially + HIP fee (£15 for £30 policies, £25 for £35 policies or £40 for £55 policies, 1% for any contract value over £50,000)

10 + 10 years – Commercial

3% of contract value.

To order please e mail the answers to the following questions and send them to me before 2.00pm. Guarantees will be sent back to you the next working day:


Customer Name

Site address and postcode

Date the work was completed

Contract value + VAT

How many years you need the guarantee to cover

Is the property residential or commercial?

Prestige Roofing Supplies – Christmas Giveaway

Our associate members Prestige Roofing Supplies are having an amazing Christmas giveaway where all orders get a gift included.

It’s a great way to pre order stock and get a Christmas present included!

Gifts vary from alcohol and sweet hampers, IPads, 4D HD TV’s, Games Consoles and much more…. No catch!

We are promoting one deal daily on all of our social media to show members the deals and the gifts included.

We also have a Christmas giveaway PDF brochure with all gifts and deal included, please contact if you would like one sent to you.

For any information please contact Andy Seaber on 07469855239 or e mail and let him know you are a member of ours.

New Members – October

We would like to welcome the following as our members; we know that their professionalism and hard work will be a credit to our industry.

Roof of the Month – October 2018


We have been inundated with excellent work by our members for Roof of the Month October.

It was very close between all entrants but the winners were:

Flat:  Emerald Flat Roofing

Pitch: RBC Roofing

Entries are now being received for November, all of this year’s winners will be entered into Roof of the Year 2018 of which the winner will get a FREE years membership. Please enter online or by e mailing

This is your LAST month to enter for Roof of the Year.

14 Day Cooling Off Period Document

We stress as much as we can for our roofers to give their 14 day cooling off period with every job. The below recent news article shows how important this document is for all tradespeople ….