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April 2019 – Issue 17

 In this issue
  • Doorstep Pressure Selling
  • Making the most of your membership
  • Insurance Backed Guarantees
  • March new members
  • Roof of the Month March 2019
  • Partnership with SMAS worksafe

Doorstep Pressure Selling

Our code of conduct (found here: states that trade members shall avoid cold calling and doorstep pressure selling. Any of our members found to be doing this will be removed as a member immediately.

Recently we have received a high number of complaints and enquiries from members of the public who have had “roofers” knocking on their door telling them that they require minimal work done on their roof and it can be done immediately as they are in the area.

 However, once given the authorisation to proceed the contractor comes down and informs the home owner that they have discovered that much more work is required and the cost is considerably more. This puts the home owner in a uncomfortable position as they feel pressurised into making a snap decision and in most cases it is the wrong one as they are being scammed by unscrupulous traders who are looking to take as much money as possible for work that clearly does not need doing.

The elderly and vulnerable are particularly targeted and the CORC are working closely with Trading Standards and Age Concern to ensure anyone looking to con a customer is brought to justice and prosecuted.

If you are aware of any traders or “crews” who are cold calling and operating in your area then please let us know immediately. All information received is totally confidential.

      Making the most of your membership

  • Insurance backed guarantees and deposit protection insurance are a great selling tool. This gives your customers peace of mind and also, something most roofers do not seem to give. This is sure to help you win quotes. Please let us know via e mail if you need any insurance leaflets to give out to your customers.
  • Complaints and Arbitration: You may have noticed that we do not have the facility for reviews on our site for our members. We feel that negative reviews can sometimes be biased or vindictive and can harm a company unnecessarily. With this in mind, we ask people to call us directly whether it be a complaint against one of our roofers or if our roofers need help dealing with a customer. Mark in the office deals with this and will help you in any way to try and resolve issues quickly and amicably.
  • Social Media: We have a very active social media presence with a very large following. This makes it very easy to share and promote our roofers works and businesses. Please follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and tag us in anything that you do so that we are able to share it with over 15,000 followers.
  • Roof of the Month – Please send us your pictures for roof of the month. This is promoted on our website and all across social media.
  • Motivation Monday: Also promoted across social media. A member was given a large contract on the strength of one of their photos this year.
  • Website: Please check your listing on our website, this is where we can showcase what you do and is looked at by thousands of people a day. If anything needs changing please e mail us.
  • Should you find you are having difficulties in getting a payment from a customer you can contact us and we will forward you to a company who will act on your behalf to ensure you get what is rightfully yours. Initial consultation is free to all CORC members and letters will be sent on your behalf if a customer has no valid reason to withhold your payment.
  • We also have a solicitor who is available to give legal advice on any construction issue and we will keep you updated with any new laws or regulations that come into force and could affect you.
  • Documents: We keep all documents you may need to help you remain compliant. Please e mail us should you need any templates for contracts, cooling off periods, guarantees etc.

If you have any questions or queries please e mail or call 01206 306600.

            Insurance Backed Guarantees


All members of the Confederation of Roofing can offer customers the benefit of a fully insured back up guarantee (IBG) that protects you should the contractor cease trading for any reason during the guarantee period.

As the only roofing association in the UK who can supply these guarantees on ANY new work it is a massive benefit for not only members but customers also and will keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Many industries are now issuing an IBG as mandatory and this will include the roofing industry in the near future so please ensure you are offering them now as we will be actively encouraging the public to ensure they receive one.

The process is quick and simple and below are the typical costs and a list of questions that would be asked when securing one.

Deposit protection is also available and should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

To order please e mail the answers to the following questions and send them to before 2.00pm. Guarantees will be sent back to you the next working day:

Customer Name

Site address and postcode

Date the work was completed

Contract value including  VAT

How many years you need the guarantee to cover

Is the property residential or commercial?

IBG Costs

10 year – Residential

£1 – £6,000 = £30.00

£6,001 – £25,000 = £35.00,

£25,001 – £50,000 = £55.00

£50,001- £1,000,000 = 2% of contract value inclusive of VAT

10 years – Commercial

Policies under £5000 – £100.00 minimum fee

Policies over £5000 = 2% of contract value inclusive of VAT

10 + 10 Years Residential

Policies under £5000 = £100 (next 10 year fee included)

Policies over £5000 = 2.5% of contract value inclusive of VAT (next 10 year fee included)

10 + 10 Years Commercial

Policies under £5000 = £150 (next 10 year fee included)

Policies over £5000 = 3% of contract value inclusive of VAT (next 10 year fee included

                     New Members – March

We would like to welcome the following as our members; we know that their professionalism and hard work will be a credit to our industry.

           Roof of the Month March 2019

It was very close between all entrants and the public voted in their thousands. This month we have our first ever double winner! The winners and runners up are…….


Flat:  LC Roofing Contractors Ltd

Roof of the Month – Flat – March 2019


Pitch:  LC Roofing Contractors Ltd

Roof of the Month – Pitch – March 2019


Other: R.J.Evans Flat Roofing Ltd

Roof of the Month – Other – March 2019

Well done to all!

Roof of the Month April is now open to win a FREE years membership in December 2019 please add your entries online or e mail them to You are able to enter up to three entries per month; a pitch roof, a flat roof or ‘other’

          Partnership with SMAS Worksafe

SMAS Worksafe (Safety Management Advisory Service) are proud to have formally joined in a professional partnership with the Confederation of Roofing Contractors (CORC) with members of both organisations set to benefit.

With the aim to improve health and safety within the roofing industry, both SMAS and CORC bring years of experience to the partnership which formally began in February 2019.

With SMAS Worksafe becoming the SSIP scheme of choice for CORC, members will be able to benefit from a 20% discount off SMAS Worksafe full assessment* as well as a Health and Safety helpline and increased visibility to the SMAS Worksafe client base, which includes of over 45 of the biggest house builders in the UK as well as many other organisations in construction.

SMAS Worksafe

SMAS Worksafe (Safety Management Advisory Service) are members of Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP). By holding a valid SMAS Worksafe certificate, your business is demonstrating to potential clients that you’ve meet and demonstrated the required health and safety standards according to the SSIP Core Criteria.

SMAS prides itself on its great level of customer service. Key benefits to choosing SMAS Worksafe over other SSIP Schemes include:

–              Quick turnaround – 3-5 days

–              Direct contact with your allocated assessor by phone

–              Helpful and friendly advice

Fair and transparent pricing irrespective of size or turnover

*Discount off a full SMAS Worksafe assessment for first year applicants only.