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December 2017 – Issue 2

In This Issue
  • Confederation of Roofing Contractors – Christmas News
  • 14 day Cooling off – IMPORTANT
  • Motivation Monday and Featured Friday
  • November New Members
  • Roof of the Month – December
  • Social Media – How to help your business

Confederation of Roofing Contractors

December is here and Christmas is just around the corner.

We would like to take this time to thank our valued members for their continued hard work and support. We hope you have a lovely christmas and a prosperous new year, you all deserve it.

We will be closing from Friday 22nd December at 12pm and will be back in the office Monday 8th January 2018 at 9am. E mails will be monitored during this period, should you need anything please e mail

14 Day Cooling Off Period – IMPORTANT

Unfortunately, we still hear of roofers not giving their customers the 14 day cooling off period document. This is an incredibly important document that needs to be given to every customer by law.

We have a document here in the office that you can use for all customers, please e mail should you need an explanation or a copy.

A previous member did not issue the 14 day cooling off period last year. The customer knew she needed it and called Trading Standards leading to the roofer not being paid for a full re roof.

Motivation Monday and Featured Friday

Social media has become an important tool in showcasing and communicating with our members.

We have developed a ‘Motivation Monday’ and a ‘Featured Friday’ to help showcase our valued members and their work.

Every Monday we have been featuring a members work for other contractors ‘motivation’ on all of our social media platforms. This seems to be very popular and photos are being commented on and shared all over the net. If you would like your work to be featured in motivation Monday please e mail

Every Friday a member is showcased with some information and their contact details on all of our social media platforms and the front page of our website. This is being done in order of joining so please keep an eye out for your company.

Visit us now at:

LinkedIn –

Facebook –

Twitter –

New Members – November

We would like to welcome the following as our members; we know that their professionalism and hard work will be credit to our industry.

Roof of the Month – November

We have been inundated with excellent work by our members for Roof of the Month November.

It was very close between all entrants but the winners were:

Pitch: Olseen Roofing

Roof of the Month – Pitch – November 2017

Flat: R.J.Evans Flat Roofing Ltd

Roof of the Month – Flat – November 2017

Other: Roofs Above

Roof of the Month – Other – November 2017

Roof of the Year voting is now live!

The winner will get a FREE years membership.

Please vote online

Entries for January Roof of the Month will commence Monday 8th January.

Social Media – How to help your business
We have been using our social media as a tool for promoting your and our business and have found it to be very useful and effective. Social media can help promote your company and your work for free to hundreds and thousands of people.

For those that do not have social media accounts and are thinking of setting something up, we have comprised a small introduction to the sites we use and how they can help you and your company.

Social Media Top Tips:

  • Try to always include a picture, however small. This makes your posts larger and more eye catching to readers.
  • Try to keep up with your social media accounts at least once daily, customers may message you on social media and waiting for a response may put them off.
  • Try to run a competition when possible, this can increase followers drastically with your posts being shared around
  • Have fun! Talk to people in your trade, learn from businesses, help each other out and give your company the exposure it deserves.


Linked In

Linked in is a social media site solely for business and work. We find that we get most of our members, associate members and queries through linkedin. We currently have over 9000 followers on there all based in the roofing and construction industry and everything you post to us or we post for you goes out for them all to see. This is a site where contractors are always looking for sub contractors and people always try to help each other out with work. If you join or if you have already, please follow us and we will follow you back and share anything you would like us to.



Facebook is more of a social site however, it can also help with businesses. Creating a facebook page is easily done andgetting friends and family to share it for you will help attract new followers. Competitions to win discounts or products on facebook are great for businesses especially when you ask followers to like and share your page to win, creating yourself a wider audience. If you join or if you have already, please follow us and we will follow you back and share anything you would like us to.



Twitter is also a site where you can share your information and pictures. You need to follow people in order to get follows back which in turn, increases your business coverage. Twitter does have a very limited word count so short, informative ‘tweets’ are best for this with pictures to create interest. If you join or if you have already, please follow us and we will follow you back and share anything you would like us to.


If you have any questions regarding anything at all please call us on 01206 306600 or e mail