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February 2018 – Issue 4

                                              In this issue
  • Confederation of Roofing Contractors – Use us!
  • FREE dash cam app for all members
  • GDPR – Is your business ready?
  • January new members
  • Roof of the Month – January
  • Citation – How to deal with bad weather disruptions

Confederation of Roofing Contractors- Use us!

As a member we are here for you for anything you may need, no matter how small.

Please make use of all of our benefits, we guarantee that they will help you win quotations and promote your business across the UK!

  • Enter Roof of the Month every month, Pitch, Flat, Other or all 3.
  • Send us information relevant to your company to advertise
  • Tag us on social media with any photos, updates or information for us to share
  • Send in your favourite roof photos for us to use as Motivation Monday! This Monday we went viral!
  • Make use of our free documents we can provide you with such as method statements, 14 day cooling off, waiver forms, contracts, health and safety documents and many more.
  • Use our insurance backed guarantees on your work, customers are growing more and more aware of these.
  • Let us credit check companies for you
  • Should you need them, we have legal advice and a debt collection agency

Plus many more…..

Most of all, we are all friendly and always here to help.

Please call us on 01206 306600 or e mail with anything no matter how small.

FREE dash cam app for all members

We have very recently partnered with 4Sight to provide all of our members FREE use of their dash cam app.

4Sight provide an app on your mobile devices (Android or Iphone) to use whilst driving which detects any accidents and records 15 seconds before and 15 seconds after the accident. Unlike usual dash cams, it does not fill up with memory and deletes the road recordings at the end of driving if an accident has not occurred. Your phone is used as a dash cam and will need to be facing the front windscreen.

It has been tested for 2 years to extremely high standards to ensure that the system is the best out there.

If, in the unfortunate chance, you have an accident, you will receive a call to your phone from 4sight within 2 minutes at any time of day. Your 30 second crash footage will be sent to 4sight straight away. If you answer, they will talk you through the accident, if you do not answer, they will call the emergency services within 2 minutes and provide your exact location, reg number and car colour.

If you have a small accident such as, crashing into bins at your home, your phone will detect the accident and enable you to cancel the call to 4Sight as a false alarm.

This service usually has a yearly charge but is being given to our members completely free. It can be used by all employees of your company.

A full video of 4 sight and how it works can be found here:

All you need to do is fill out the below for each person and e mail the answers to

Full Name:

E Mail Address:Reg Number:

Telephone Number:

Android or Iphone:

                     GDPR – Is your business ready?

If you haven’t started preparing your organisation for compliance then the next 12 months are crucial. If you have started getting ready for the GDPR deadline, keep going.

Make sure your board is bought in to the importance of the project. Having the support you need from the top is vital to the GDPR compliance process.

Once the GDPR comes into force, your business must:

  1. Keep a record of data operations and activities and consider if you have the required data processing agreements in place
  2. Carry out privacy impact assessments (PIAs) on products and systems
  3. If applicable to your organisation, designate a data protection officer (DPO)
  4. Review processes for the collection of personal data
  5. Be aware of your duty to notify the relevant supervisory authority of a data breach

6.Implement “privacy by design” and “privacy by default” in the design of new products and assess whether existing products meet GDPR

For more information please visit: Whitepaper: GDPR is around the corner: Are you ready?

New Members – January

We would like to welcome the following as our members; we know that their professionalism and hard work will be a credit to our industry.

Roof of the Month – January 2018

We have been inundated with excellent work by our members for Roof of the Month January.

It was very close between all entrants but the winners were:

Flat:  M. Gilders  Roofing Contracts Ltd

Pitch: Skyline Roofing & Building Ltd

Other: Essex Flat Roofing

Entries are now being received for February, all of this year’s winners will be entered into Roof of the Year 2018 of which the winner will get a FREE years membership. Please enter online or by e mailing

Citation – How to deal with bad weather disruptions

With winter in full swing, adverse weather has – and maybe will – cause disruption to employees’ commute to the workplace, and consequently their ability to work full stop.

To help you handle the disruption bad weather days can bring, we’ve compiled a loaded list of FAQs. So, let’s get stuck in…

  1. What happens if an employee can’t attend work because of the weather?

Unless there’s something in the employee’s handbook, contract or collective agreement, or an established custom and practice that says otherwise, you’re not legally required to pay the employee.

If you wish, at your discretion, you could decide to make a discretionary payment to the employee. However, if you do, there are several implications to consider beforehand:

  • You may be setting a precedent that days off work due to bad weather are paid. This could result in employees pushing their luck and taking time off when it’s not actually necessary.
  • You should be consistent with your stance. If you decide to pay one employee and not another, you must be able to justify your decision.
  • Employees who have managed to make their way into work may feel disgruntled if others are being paid to spend the day at home.
  1. What happens if the school, nursery etc. of an employee’s child closes due to the weather?

If bad weather results in an employee who is a carer unexpectedly needing time off to care for a child or dependent, they’re entitled to a reasonable amount of unpaid emergency time off.

What constitutes ‘reasonable’ will depend on the employee’s circumstances. As an example, let’s pretend that an employee called Jane has a daughter in primary school, and she’s told you that her husband is on holiday for one week at the start of February.

If Jane’s daughter’s school closes due to bad weather the week her husband is away, it’s unlikely to be reasonable for Jane to be entitled to unpaid time off to care for her daughter. Why? Because she presumably already made alternative caring arrangements if she knew in advance that her husband wouldn’t be around.

  1. What if there is an essential reason why the employee is needed in work?

However important it is for the employee to be in work, you shouldn’t pressurise them into coming in. This would be unreasonable conduct and, worst case, could undermine your duty of trust and confidence.

It’s also important to understand and remember that employees will have different attitudes and concerns when it comes to driving or travelling in bad weather conditions. If you think an employee’s unreasonably claiming to need the day off though, then this is different – we’ll cover this next.

To read the rest please visit: