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April 2018 – Issue 6

 In this issue
  • Confederation of Roofing Contractors – New Introduction Sheet
  • A huge thank you to our members
  • Indigo Contracting
  • March new members
  • Roof of the Month – March
  • Proteus Waterproofing – The future is Cold Melt®

Confederation of Roofing Contractors- New Introduction Sheet

We have recently created a new introduction sheet for all members to give to their customers.

The introduction sheet includes our logo, details of our vetting procedure, your membership number, address and date of joining.

This sheet has only gone to our members and is not available to download for data protection reasons.

We are hoping this will help you secure more quotes whilst ensuring your customer of the ways you have been checked and that they are dealing with a reputable company.

We have had a very positive response to it so far.

If you haven’t received a copy and would like one please call us on 01206 306600 or e mail

A huge thank you to our members

Recently, we had a lady from Harwich, Essex call us as a roofer (not a member) had been out to re felt her garage roof and had made an extremely poor job of it, as you can see below.

The lady refused to pay the roofer and was subsequently taken to court.  Incredibly she lost, even though a RICS report confirmed that the roof needed to be completely stripped and replaced.  She was ordered to pay the roofer which she appealed and again, lost the case. The lady is registered disabled so does not have much money and was in a panic as she could not repair her roof.


We put a post on social media asking for some help and advice from roofers and were shocked upon the outcome. Members (and non members) offered to help the lady by re-roofing her garage for her at their own cost! We had offers from manufacturers to provide free materials! The overall response was overwhelming.


One of our members is currently in talks to go and do the lady’s roof for her.


We would like to thank all of our roofers for their selfless offers of help for this lady and she has also asked us to thank you all. We are extremely humbled and proud.

Indigo Contracting

New Members – March

We would like to welcome the following as our members; we know that their professionalism and hard work will be a credit to our industry.

Roof of the Month – March 2018

We have been inundated with excellent work by our members for Roof of the Month March.

It was very close between all entrants but the winners were:

Flat:  Manuka Roofing Ltd

Other: Flatline Roofing

Pitch: James Bros Roofing Contractors

Entries are now being received for March, all of this year’s winners will be entered into Roof of the Year 2018 of which the winner will get a FREE years membership. Please enter online or by e mailing

Proteus Waterproofing – The future is Cold Melt®

Green concrete – don’t wait 28 days before laying the waterproof membrane – when you can do it in three. Call Proteus Waterproofing now on 01268 777871. We could save you thousands on your next project.

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This membrane is a unique waterproofing system so tough that it is BBA certified to last the lifetime of the building on which it is installed. It’s called Proteus Cold Melt® and you can find out more at –

No naked flame, no molten material, no unhealthy odour and no hassle and very green using recycled tyres and other environmentally friendly materials. As tough and hard wearing as mastic asphalt or Hot Melt and a lot more versatile for balconies, patios and especially those hard to reach areas.

Proteus Cold Melt® is the waterproofing membrane of the future. It is so advanced that it is making all of the others – obsolete. Find out why some of the country’s most iconic buildings have accepted nothing less.

More and more architects are now specifying Proteus Cold Melt®. Book now for a CPD. Email Justin Pitman.