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July 2018 – Issue 9

 In this issue
  • Confederation of Roofing Contractors – IMPORTANT 14 day cooling off period and Building Regulations
  • Insurance Backed Guarantees – 10 + 10 year
  • Cupa Pizarras
  • June new members
  • Roof of the Month – June

Confederation of Roofing Contractors – IMPORTANT – 14 day cooling off period And Building Regulations

Building Regulations

If you complete more than 25-50% of work on a roof then Building Regulations must be contacted to see if an inspection is required. This is the home owners responsibility as are the costs if an inspector is called out.

If you are in anyway unsure then a simple phone call to the local council will confirm if one is needed. If not they will tell you straight away.

Many home owners assume that a full and thorough report will be done but an inspector will straight away be looking to see if there is adequate insulation installed. If not the inspector will not pass  the roof so please ensure you quote accordingly as it will save possible complications later on if an inspector attends and finds no insulation present. In short, a home owner will not be able to sell their property without a Building Regulations certificate.

We cannot stress enough how important this is because we receive so many calls from customers who want to secure an Insurance Backed Guarantee and when asked if the roof has passed and been certified they have no idea what we are talking about and obviously begin to panic when we tell them that their roof is currently not under a guarantee and they need to call the Council immediately. The first question they ask us is “Why didn’t your roofer tell me?”

Please do not get caught out and get your customer to make that call.

14 Day Cooling Off Period

Unfortunately, we still hear of roofers not giving their customers the 14 day cooling off period and waiver form document. This is an incredibly important document that needs to be given to every customer by law.

We have a document here in the office that you can use for all customers, please e mail should you need an explanation or a copy.

A previous member did not issue the 14 day cooling off period last year. The customer knew she needed it and called Trading Standards leading to the roofer not being paid for a full re roof.

If you have given a customer the form and would like to start the job earlier than the 14 days please ensure that they have completed the waiver form also.

Insurance Backed Guarantees – 10 + 10 years


The CORC are constantly striving to ensure our members stay ahead of their competitors and supplying your customers with an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) is one such way. An IBG covers your customer should your company cease trading during the guarantee period and is used by many of our members to help secure work. It is not only a superb selling tool but gives your client added peace of mind which your rivals cannot do therefore giving you an advantage in being awarded a contract.

As a quick example, a 10 year residential job costing from £1 – £6000 costs only £30.00. Between £6000 – £25,000 for 10 years is only £35.00. We cannot believe that any customer would not want to have this additional cover and by including the cost of the policy in your quote you have no need to try and sell it to them.

Also available now is a 10 + 10 policy should your customer want a longer guarantee. The cost is higher on this type of policy because the risk is obviously greater but we are the only Roofing Association in the country that can offer this and without a doubt we will not be beaten on the price. This is how it works:

A residential job completed at a cost of £10,000. The cost of an IBG would be 2% for the first 10 years and at present rates £35.00 for the second 10 giving an overall total of £235. As an added bonus, when the first 10 years are almost up, your customer can contact the insurers who will decide whether an inspection is needed and at the insurers cost an inspector will be appointed to determine if the roof is still fit for purpose before issuing the second 10 year certificate. So not only has your customer secured a must have guarantee but they could also get a free inspection half way through the guarantee period to ensure everything is ok.

If  you are unsure or have been reluctant to offer an IBG previously I would ask that you at least inform your customer about them and see what response you get because if you are offering an IBG and your competitor isn’t then it will certainly ensure you will win the job. Should you require any leaflets to attach to your quote to inform a customer that you can supply one then please contact us at the office and we will post some out to you.

If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01206 306600 or e mail membership

Cupa Pizarras – The world leader in natural slate

Visit our website or contact us direct at

New Members – June

We would like to welcome the following as our members; we know that their professionalism and hard work will be a credit to our industry.


Roof of the Month – June 2018

We have been inundated with excellent work by our members for Roof of the Month June.


It was very close between all entrants but the winners were:


Flat:  Roofline Developments Ltd…/roof-of-the-month-flat-june-2018/


Pitch: Glenbuild Roofing Contracts Limited…/roof-of-the-month-pitch-june-2018/


Other: DTM Roofing Ltd…/roof-of-the-month-other-june-2018/


Entries are now being received for July, all of this year’s winners will be entered into Roof of the Year 2018 of which the winner will get a FREE years membership. Please enter online or by e mailing