Safeaid UK – Working at Height Newsletter

Safeaid UK - Working at Height Newsletter

Reports say a 13% rise in ‘Working at Height’ site safety breaches

The British Safety Group reports a 13% rise in working at height breaches based on 10,000 construction site inspection carried out in 2018; Fatalities have seen a 40% increase over 2017/2018 where as in comparison to the previous year 137 fatality cases were recorded. Falls through fragile surfaces, particularly fibre-cement roofs and roof lights account for many fatal injuries and death in the construction industry.

Employers have a legal duty to ensure that the ‘working at height Regulations 2005’ are implemented and that all work carried out on site is supervised and performed by competent people who have been provided with adequate training for the task at hand.


Training workers is key when protecting your employees and business from working at height. The work at height regulations 2005 state the employers shall provide safe access, egress, equipment and training for all employees.


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