Our new site, selectaroofer.com is ready to be launched so you will need to get your details and photographs on the site as soon as you can. Mark our office manager will be ringing all members in the next few days to explain how the site works in person, but here is a glimpse of how it works, what it costs and how to use it.

The customer will go onto the site, put their requirement in and then submit it. The job will automatically go out to all members that carry out works in the customer’s area. You will receive it by both email and text. The first six companies to press accept will be sent the full details and contact number. It is then up to you to arrange an appointment and submit your quotation. The customer will choose their preferred contractor and press select which will then inform the contractor that their quote has been accepted.

There are no lead charges so if you are quick enough to respond you can accept as many of the jobs as you wish and it won’t cost you a penny in lead charges.

We have two different SEO companies actively working on Selectaroofer at present and are about to employ an experienced marketeer that will get the name (selectaroofer) out to the masses. We envisage that in the next two months we will be known throughout the UK and will be attracting hundreds of enquiries per day. At the present time our website gets over 3000 hits per week, not all of them looking to employ a roofer but we will be striving to get at least 7000 a week once we are up and running.

Our site will be the only online site dedicated to roofers and as it is launched it will immediately be the largest in the UK with over 850 roofing companies on it covering the whole of the British Isles.

Your first two month’s will be free and then it will be just £10.00 a week plus VAT. This can be paid through Stripe or a standing order through the CORC account on a monthly basis. You will have no contract so you can hop in or out at any time giving just one month’s notice.

All members will be put on the site to start with, Mark will then contact you during the free trial period and those members that wish to participate will stay on the site, those that do not will be removed but still be on our members page for those customers to contact direct. We already have over 300 members signed up and I hope many more of you will follow.

Kind Regards

Allan Buchan