By using our services on Select a Roofer and CORC you are bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement as set out below.

The Confederation of Roofing Contractors 2000 Ltd (CORC) company number is 03346478. Our registered office address is Association House, 22E Victoria Place, Brightlingsea, Essex, CO7 0BX.

CORC is a roofing trade association who vet and check roofing companies before they are able to become members. They also provide free help and advice to members of the public on all aspects of roofing. Select a Roofer and CORC are not responsible for any work carried out or advice given by a tradesperson or any of our employees. It is the responsibility of the user to select a suitable tradesperson and negotiate all terms and fees for any works undertaken.  Select a Roofer and CORC will not be responsible or held liable for any service agreement, work carried out, guarantees, payments or contracts between the consumer and the contractor. Advice regarding using a contractor can be found here: Advice on Choosing a Roofer – Confederation of Roofing Contractors (

The below terms may also apply to you:


Usage of CORC

We may amend these terms from time to time. We advise you to check these terms and conditions every time you visit our site. All persons accessing our site via your own internet connection should be aware of these terms.

We cannot guarantee that this website will always be available. We are able to suspend the availability of our site for business reasons.

Select a Roofer and CORC are the owners of all intellectual property rights on our sites and all material published on them including designs, database, graphics and layouts. Copyright laws protect our sites and all rights are reserved.

By using our service you agree not to introduce any kind of virus, worm, trojans, logic bombs and any other malicious or harmful technology to our sites. If our sites are misused or attacked, a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 will have been committed and we will work with the authorities to disclose your identity.

Without prejudice, Select a Roofer and CORC reserve the right at their sole discretion to block, terminate or deactivate your account. If so, we may do this immediately without notice with any reason. Select a Roofer and CORC will not be liable to you or any third party for termination or restriction of your access to our sites. You agree not to attempt to use our sites after your account has been terminated.

If you are dissatisfied with the service of Select a Roofer or CORC your sole remedy under this agreement will be to terminate your use of this service.


Website Content

Every effort is made to ensure our sites are kept up to date and the information on them is correct. We make no guarantees, warranties or representations, whether express or implied, that the information on our site is correct and free of errors. We cannot guarantee that our site will be free from bugs or viruses however, we try to protect it as much as possible. The user of our sites is responsible for your own virus protection and agrees to use our sites at their own risk.

Our website contains links to sites provided by our partners and members. We cannot guarantee that these sites will always be secure or the information provided on them is correct and up to date so we advise caution when visiting other sites linked via us or any products, guarantees or services offered by these sites. Any action taking by visiting these links will be solely at your own risk.

You agree that Select a Roofer and CORC have no responsibility or liability for the failure to store or deletion of any content maintained or sent to the website or staff e mails.

Any liability including loss or damage, personal injuries, loss of profit, sales business or revenue arising from any matters related to Select a Roofer or CORC whether direct or indirect is your own.

Nothing in this agreement shall exclude or limit either party’s liability for death or personal injury caused by that party’s negligence, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation , or any other liability that cannot be lawfully excluded or limited.


You may not use our website to:

  • Harm or attempt to harm, bully, humiliate or intimidate persons in any way
  • In any ways which are classed as unlawful or fraudulent or any ways that breach local, national or international laws and/or regulations
  • Not to duplicate, copy, sell, access or interfere, damage or disrupt any part of our site including network, software and equipment.
  • You may not use our website to send any unauthorised promotional material or advertising in any way.


Complaints, Disputes and Mediation

All traders are members of the CORC and complaints, disputes and mediation will fall under their remit – Complaints – Confederation of Roofing Contractors (


Logo Usage

The Select a Roofer and CORC logos are to be used by tradespeople whilst they are associated with our sites. In the event that their membership is discontinued or terminated, the logos must be removed. All traders are given 30 days to remove their logos and references to their previous affiliation once their cancellation letter has been sent. In the event that the logos are found to continue to be used after the 30 day period we reserve all rights to report the trader to trading standards and take appropriate legal action.


Live Chat

The CORC provide a live chat on the main page of their site. This is monitored and responded to solely by our employees. This may sometimes cause delays in answering your questions via the live chat. The CORC reserve the right to terminate any chat following abusive language, profanities, prejudice remarks, racism, homophobic slurs, religious views and opinions, political opinions or sexism.  Select a Roofer and CORC are not responsible for any work carried out or advice given by a tradesperson or any of our employees.

We reserve the right to share any content deemed inappropriate or that relates to a criminal investigation to the relevant authorities.



All quotes received from tradespeople are from the tradesperson or business detailed on the quote solely.  Select a Roofer and CORC are in no way affiliated or responsible for any quotes, guarantees or agreements made between a tradesperson and consumer.  All accepted quotes and contracts will be agreed in writing between the tradesperson and customer. It is the responsibility of both parties to have copies of all quotes received and documentation which accompanies these such quotes such as cancellation documents.



Tradespeople may not tender for any project which is not legal or may not be legally performed by you. The sites must not be used by tradespeople who do not intend to carry out and ensure successful completion of each and any project accepted.

Valid public liability insurance must be provided to the CORC upon becoming a member and this must be updated annually. The CORC will check that tradespeople are insured for roofing specifically and reserve the right to suspend your membership if this is not received.

By agreeing to these terms you also agree to the CORC code of conduct found here: Code of Practice – Confederation of Roofing Contractors (



By agreeing to these terms as the tradesperson, you agree that you will not use subcontractors on any project without the express permission of the homeowner in writing. In using a subcontractor, you confirm that you are responsible for the work, documentation provided and guarantee (if any) carried out by that contractor and that the subcontractor is legally entitled to perform and carry out the work. By using a subcontractor, you confirm that the subcontractor also agrees to the terms of this agreement.


Payment Terms

All tradesperson payments for usage of CORC is via stripe in pounds sterling £ on our payments page – Membership Payments – Confederation of Roofing Contractors (

By entering into monthly payments, all members agree to the following:

  • All payments are made by credit or debit card via stripe. Alternative payment methods can be discussed with the finance manager and all decisions are at our sole discretion. Please e mail to do this. If you do not receive a response in regards to this within 72 working hours, please call the office on 01206 306600.
  • All invoices are to be paid within the payment terms detailed on the invoice. If payment is not received 30 days after payment is due to be made, your account will be suspended until payment is made.
  • All invoices will be e mailed and/or posted to you. It is the responsibility of the tradesperson to ensure their e mail address and contact address is updated, working and correct at all times.
  • It is the responsibility of the tradesperson to ensure copies of all invoices are kept securely.
  • Any changed card details must be updated on your stripe account as soon as possible to avoid failed payments. If there is a problem with you changing this on stripe please contact us on 01206 306600 or e mail Failure to contact us will result in a missed payment and termination of your Select a Roofer account.
  • We do not provide refunds however, our finance manager may offer one in limited circumstances. Any decisions are made at our sole discretion. Any refunds offered will be paid via BACS payment or card transfer only to the card or bank used to make payment initially. If this card/bank account has been terminated, alternative payment methods will be decided at our sole discretion. Refunds will not be provided should you not receive any job opportunities during your membership.
  •  If you wish to cancel your contract at any point, we must have 30 days notice to do so. Please e mail to do this. If you do not receive a response in regards to this within 72 working hours, please call the office on 01206 306600. Please check your junk/spam folder for a response before calling.
  • If you have a question about a charge on your card from Select a Roofer or CORC you agree to contact us on or call 01206 306600. If you do not receive a response in regards to this within 72 working hours, please call the office on 01206 306600.
  • In the event that your company is dissolved you agree to inform us in writing to If you do not receive a response in regards to this within 72 working hours, please call the office on 01206 306600.

This agreement is governed in accordance with English law. Disputes arising in connection to this agreement are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


Updated May 2022