Training & Other Information

Training Groups

Company Name:
Eastern Region Training Group
Area: East Anglia
Telephone: 01473 744 412
Contact Name: Clive Coote

Company Name:
The Institute of Roofing
Area: London
Telephone: 020 7448 3858
Contact Name: Natalie Johnston

Company Name:
South Coast Roof Training
Area: West Sussex
Telephone: 0845 678 0065
Contact Name: Mike Fildes

Company Name:
London & Southern
Area: Littlehampton
Telephone: 07791 377 559
Contact Name: Brian Middlemiss

Company Name:
Wales National Training
Area: Wales
Telephone: 029 2086 4422
Contact Name: Lesley Hughes

Company Name:
Redland Training & Resource
Area: Various areas
Telephone: 01285 863 545
Contact Name: Terry Fearfield

Company Name:
Midland Roof Training
Area: Midlands
Telephone: 0115 9271 333
Contact Name: Livia Williams

Company Name:
North West Training
Area: North West
Telephone: 07966 045 585
Contact Name: Brian Wharton

Company Name:
Scottish Training
Area: Scotland
Contact Name: John McKinney

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Training Courses

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