Proteus Waterproofing is a leading provider of both hot and cold applied waterproofing systems and solutions and is widely regarded as one of the fastest growing companies of its kind. Much of this success has been achieved by dealing with the best roofing contractors in the country, operatives who have been fully trained to install its products – but what do you have to do to become an approved contractor with an organisation such as Proteus – and what are the benefits?

Becoming an approved contractor is a significant achievement for any business. Contractors immediately have access to a wide range of high-quality, cutting-edge waterproofing products, including liquid-applied, cold-applied and hot-applied systems, that are suitable for various applications, such as roofing, podium decks and balconies.

These products are manufactured to the highest standards and tested rigorously to ensure they perform to the highest level, but they can only deliver if they are installed in the way that the manufacturer intended and for that to happen, you need fully trained operatives.

Becoming an approved contractor is a partnership process where the manufacturing company is effectively saying to the end customer that the roofer appointed to install the waterproofing system has been full trained and will deliver the project to the highest possible standard.

It is a partnership based on trust and when a contractor looks for manufacturer approval, he has to first demonstrate proven craft skills and have a track record of success. Only the best contractors get an approval rating and the benefits that go with it, but that is just the beginning.

If you have passed the first test then you as a contractor, together with other operatives

from your company, will attend an extensive training process – in the case of Proteus, that will be at their offices in Rayleigh, Essex or in Barnsley, Yorkshire. The process consists of practical training followed by a theory test to ensure that everyone understands, what’s needed to install the company’s systems.

Contractors that have passed through the training stages are then able to access a huge range of benefits. Proteus will provide support at every level and will work with contractors to win and secure business. The benefit for the end user is a real warranty that covers both materials and labour in the unlikely event of a failure.

Becoming an approved contractor with Proteus Waterproofing offers operatives immediate access to technical and product support. The company has a team of technical experts who can provide advice and guidance on product selection, installation and maintenance. These experts are further available to provide assistance throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to after-sales service.

Being an approved contractor with a company such as Proteus Waterproofing enhances a contractor’s reputation and credibility in the construction industry. Proteus has a strong reputation for providing high-quality waterproofing solutions and clients are more likely to trust a business that is an approved contractor with a reputable and reliable manufacturer.

Being an approved contractor with Proteus Waterproofing also provides businesses with access to training and development opportunities. The company offers a range of training courses and seminars that are designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of contractors. These courses cover a range of topics, including product installation, health and safety, and best practice. By participating in these courses, contractors can improve their skills and knowledge, which can lead to better job opportunities and increased profitability.

But perhaps the real benefit of being an approved contractor is that it can lead to

new business opportunities. Proteus has a strong network of clients in the construction and roofing industries and by being associated with the company, businesses can gain access to major new commercial opportunities. This can lead to increased revenue and profitability, which can help contractors to grow and expand.

Contractors who feel they have the necessary craft skills and want to know more should first contact Proteus Waterproofing direct. That is when the training programme can begin – the first step towards become a fully licensed approved installer – and that’s when the benefits can begin.

That is when approved contractors receive full access to high-quality waterproofing products, technical and product support, enhanced reputation and credibility, training and development opportunities and new business opportunities.

Most importantly, by becoming an approved contractor with the company, a contracting business can benefit from these advantages and enhance their competitiveness in the construction industry – do you think that your company is good enough?