Some industry estimates suggest that up to 50% of roofing contractors will go bust in the next few years, a statistic that is difficult to quantify until you add on Government figures which show that almost 2,000 construction companies failed during the pandemic. Only then do you get the idea that things are really tough out there for many, but why should this be happening against the background of a strong and buoyant roofing market? writes Justin Pitman, Sales Director for Proteus Waterproofing.


It is difficult to believe that so many companies are failing at this time with predicted growth in excess of 5% in 2022. Yes, we know about skills and material shortages, we know that many contractors face cashflow problems due to late payments, but could there be another reason? Might it be a simple unwillingness to explore and take advantage of new market opportunities?


At Proteus we know that it is the roofing contractors who are prepared to “do it all” they are the ones who are attracting more business and better margins. These are the companies that will install traditional felt, bitumen and hot melt, but are still willing to use a whole range of other new and innovative materials.


One good example is liquids. According to the LWRA, liquid waterproofing is the fastest expanding sector of the flat roofing market, having grown by nearly 70% in the past five years, demonstrating the increased importance of these products.


Prior to the pandemic, the annual installed area of flat roof waterproofing was growing consistently and had reached around 35 million m², worth an estimated £356 million as a result of increased demand from schools, new retail distribution centres, infrastructure and utilities buildings and housing.


As the market has grown, suppliers such as Proteus have developed systems that are so versatile, that there is a product for just about every type of waterproofing application from trafficked roofs to walkways, from balconies to stairwells, blue and green roofs and much more.


We offer the roofing contractor a level of resource which can complement and work in conjunction with more traditional materials such as felts and asphalt. More importantly, we give the roofing contractor a whole new toolkit of potential applications and the opportunity to handle all the waterproofing required on every contract.


 On face value you would assume that every roofing contractor would want to check out these new systems and benefit from the advantages they offer and, in fairness, there are many who are doing just that.


But we still have a large number who are unwilling to accept a change of materials. Some don’t feel they have the necessary experience or qualifications to try something new, or just feel comfortable staying with more traditional systems. However, for those contractors willing to work with us then the opportunities are potentially enormous.


Modern systems have been developed to be fast curing, low odour and, most importantly, can be applied without the use of flame or molten materials. These are huge plusses for building owners and specifiers in this post Grenfell age. They work alongside more traditional materials meaning that both you and your customer have a real choice.


Equally as important, our systems can only be installed by properly trained and approved contractors. It means the end customer can order with total confidence knowing they will get a product that delivers, and one which will be fixed according to our instructions. That way we can issue a proper warranty, backed by BBA accreditation – win, win for us as a supplier, the end customer, but most of all, the contractor.


That’s why we offer extensive training at our offices in Rayleigh, Essex, or Barnsley, Yorkshire for any contractor willing to go that extra mile and work with us. As a trained contractor you will also get our full support as one of Britain’s leading suppliers of waterproofing materials. That includes direct access to our sales and technical team who will work with you to help secure business with a detailed roof survey, core samples and much more.

If you want to be part of one of the fastest growing waterproofing companies in the UK then you can contact us by calling 01268 777871 or by e-mailing: enquiries@proteuswaterproofing.co.uk