Working in the heat is especially hard for roofers, wearing appropriate PPE and being exposed to direct sunlight can lead to side effects which could affect you and your health.

Below we have compiled a list of tips to keep roofers working safely in the rising temperatures (until the great British weather completely changes as we all know is possible any second!)

Stay hydrated

It is recommended for you to drink water every 15-20 minutes, waiting until you are thirsty can be dangerous.

Take your time

Work at an even pace, trying to get the job done quickly in the heat could raise your temperature further causing more problems.

Dress appropriately

It’s tempting to remove clothing when temperatures are hot but leaving your skin exposed to the sun can do more harm than good. Wear cool, loose-fitting clothing in light-coloured fabrics that breathe and help to maintain a healthy body temperature. If you can wear a hat on the job, make sure you do so.


Take breaks in the shade if it possible to do so and if your work allows it, move tasks that can be moved to covered shaded areas. Take regular water breaks out of the sun.

Wear sun cream

Although you will most likely be wearing clothes which cover your body, regular application of sun cream on any exposed area is extremely important, factor 30 at the least. This may prevent a number of future issues presenting themselves.

Spot the warning signs

Warnings signs of heat exhaustion can include heavy sweating, rapid pulse, dizziness, goose bumps, muscle cramps and head ache.