1. Establish and maintain high standards for the conduct of the work undertaken and products and services supplied by member companies.
  2. Lay out clearly for clients, not normally covered by forms of contract, the terms under which registered roofing contractors of the CORC shall operate.
  3. Each CORC member shall be given a registered membership number and web page. These will be included in the CORC published list of members on www.corc.co.uk which shall be updated on a daily basis.



  1. CORC members shall supply sufficient information at the commencement of a contract to satisfy clients needs. This information should include rates/total price/extra over items, technical information (including technical product literature if necessary) and additional options, if relevant.
  2. Each quotation for the general public must reflect their limited technical knowledge. All wording should be self explanatory and avoid an over-technical bias.
  3. Once the parties agree to the resultant written quotation or estimate, either verbally or in writing, a contract shall exist between them. This should be confirmed in writing.
  4. Where work to be carried out is of a minor, urgent or unquantifiable nature, a trade member may point out to the client that it would be to the practical advantage of both parties if the work was carried out on a day work or cost plus basis. Providing the client agrees to these arrangements, they shall be informed of day work rates for labour, plant, material and transport together with any minimum charge that may apply. Day work sheets and/or time sheets shall be made available to the client if requested.
  5. All estimates/quotations should carry a clause that the client is to provide adequate safety precautions to comply with current Health and Safety Regulations. General public clients should be made aware of this need and that you have included for it in your quotation/estimate.
  6. All CORC members must produce the 14 day cooling off period document to their customers before work commences. They must only start within 14 days if a waiver has been signed by the customer.



  1. A member company shall repay any deposits and pre-payments promptly and in full should a contract be cancelled through no fault of the client, less any direct costs incurred.



  1. Each trade member shall execute each contract in accordance with current building regulations, relevant British or European Standards or other technical approved accreditation’s operative at the time, and of practice relevant to the work being carried out.
  2. Each contract must be fully supervised for quality of workmanship, adherence to specification, compliance with current Building Regulations and client satisfaction.
  3. Where a client seeks to disregard a trade member’s advice on work to be carried out, or materials to be used, the facts shall be recorded in writing.



  1. A trade member shall guarantee its work against failures due to its defective workmanship for a minimum period of one year from the date of completion of the work subject to receipt of full payment within the terms of the guarantee. Repair and maintenance work shall be excluded from such a guarantee.
  2. For roof work a trade member should  offer to the client a fully insured 10 – 20 year back up guarantee issued by CORC on behalf of our insurer. A trade member’s own guarantee shall be superseded by the former if the trade member becomes insolvent.
  3. All CORC Associate members, as a condition of their membership, shall provide their own material guarantees of ten or more years duration and shall ensure, where applicable, that their materials meet a BS, EN, BBA or other approved technical accreditation’s operative at the time. Their materials may be viewed by clients on www.corc.co.uk linked to individual Associate member’s sites where these exist.
  4. A CORC member must honour their company guarantee and go back to the customer within an acceptable time frame.



  1. A trade member shall arrange, and at all times maintain adequate insurance cover in respect of employer’s and public liability.
  2. An Associate member shall likewise arrange and, at all times, maintain adequate insurance cover in respect of public and products liability.
  3. The Confederation of Roofing Contractors do not accept any responsibility for works carried out by their members.



Trade members must comply with the regulations laid down by the Health and Safety Executive with particular attention given to:

  1. Personal Safety
  2. COSHH Regulations
  3. Scaffolding/Towers
  4. Materials Handling
  5. Disposal of Waste Materials
  6. Safety Clothing and Headwear
  7. Mechanical Tools



  1. Trade and Associate members shall ensure that advertising and promotion of their products and services are accurate and do not transgress the British Code of Advertising Practice and the British Code of Sales Practice.
  2. Trade members shall avoid cold calling and doorstep pressure selling.



A Trade member will complete each contract:

  1. On time, as agreed in the contract but with provision for weather, unforeseen circumstances or agreed variations to the work and other factors outside the trade member’s control. Where delay is likely to occur, a trade member shall give due notice to the client.
  2. Unless the client has failed to make agreed payments, is in serious breach of the contract or there is some other substantial valid justification or the contract has been determined.



  1. Normally a trade member will carry out an inspection of its work after completion of a contract to ensure that standards of workmanship and materials used conform with that contract’s detailed terms and relevant codes of practice.
  2. The CORC standard form of satisfaction should be signed by both parties.



  1. A trade member shall have a clear policy for dealing with complaints which shall include a nominated senior member of staff, or in the case of a small firm, the principal, who shall have primary responsibility for their resolution. This policy shall be displayed on the premises of the head, franchised or branch offices to be observable by clients.
  2. A client with a complaint shall normally first approach the trade member responsible for their contract. The trade member shall respond quickly, normally by inspection within ten working days on a date and time agreed with the client and, where required, rectify any fault promptly having first agreed the action to be taken with the client.
  3. Any client who thereafter continues to have a genuine complaint should approach the CORC verbally to seek assistance, and should confirm their complaint in writing. The CORC will seek, by conciliation with the trade member, to resolve the client’s complaint. To seek assistance a client should view www.corc.co.uk for contact details or telephone 01206 306600.
  4. Both parties must agree in writing that the cost of employing a surveyor will be paid for by the party found to be at fault.
  5. Where either party to a dispute invokes litigation, or goes to arbitration or adjudication outside the auspices of the CORC, the CORC shall take no further part in its resolution other than to take disciplinary measures against the member if required, in accordance with the Code of Practice once the dispute is resolved. Any correspondence or reports issued by the CORC in connection with a dispute which subsequently goes to litigation outside the CORC cannot be used by any of the parties to that dispute.



  1. In addition to its own complaints procedure, each member shall display on its premises viewable by clients, the CORC logo to publicise observance of this Code of Practice, and shall provide a copy if so requested. This code shall also be displayed on www.corc.co.uk
  2. Each Trade member shall ensure that its office employees are trained to observe sale of goods legislation and to fully comprehend this Code of Practice and its operation. Management, technicians and operatives shall also be required to observe basic standards of tidy dress, safe working practices and reasonable behaviour towards clients and their property.
  3. The CORC shall keep a record showing all complaints received and action taken in terms of resolution by conciliation, resolution by arbitration and any disciplinary action taken against a trade member.
  4. A report on the operation of this Code of Practice and the maintenance of its integrity shall be prepared by the CORC on an annual basis. It shall include a balanced assessment of its success and complaints placed about its performance.


Trade Members (roofing contractors) and Associate Members (manufacturers, distributors, or service companies) in membership with the Confederation of Roofing Contractors (herein after referred to as CORC) shall subscribe on an annual basis to the terms of the Code of Practice.